What makes a perfect research paper? Time and experience will teach you exactly what your professor is looking for, but time and experience are valuable commodities. What can we teach you right here and now that will help you get the best possible mark for your research paper? To convey the most powerful points most efficiently, here are a series of do’s and don’ts for research paper writers. What’s more, you need to start learning from the mistakes and successes of others as soon as possible because it is far easier to learn from the mistakes of others than it is to learn from your own mistakes.

Don’t Try to Be Original

Guess which students fail their research paper projects on the most consistent basis? The students who try to create original and unique research papers are the ones who struggle the most and fail the most frequently. They are the students who pick research topics that nobody else has studied outside of comic books, and these students have such a hard time finding academically credible research material. Such students have so much trouble finding research material that they cannot create a passable research paper.

Do Get the Help of a Writing Service

Find the best research paper writing service you can afford and have them work on your research paper. Have them do it all or have them start it and let you finish it. Alternatively, you can send your work off to them to let them judge, proofread or edit it. There are now so many students passing their research papers off to writing services that it is the students who do not use writing services who are failing to make the grade.

Don’t Consult Your Professor Before Your First Draft Is Complete

You have to put yourself in the shoes of your professor. Every year and every term your professor has students coming to him or her who want the professor to do all the work for them. You know these sorts of people because they are the sort of people who say they will do you a favour, but then they need several pointers, lots of advice, and lots of help from you while doing the favour because the fact is that they want you to do it for them. You do not want your professor lumping you together in with these sorts of people because the ones who annoy the professor the most are the ones who the professor marks down.

Do Create A Time Schedule

Some people make the mistake of deciding how many pages they are going to write each night and they then try their best to write that many pages each night while simultaneously failing. These people are training themselves to fail. They are training themselves to set goals and then suffer the pain of missing them on a regular basis. Do not fall into this of failure. The fact is that your research paper is not like your essay paper. There are going to be periods of time in which you have nothing to write because your research hasn’t produced anything. Set a time schedule where you define how much time you are going to spend on your research paper rather than how much you intend to write each night.

Don’t Mention Politics Unless You Are Expressly Required To

This is a research paper for beginners’ tip: do not mention politics in your paper useless it is expressly required because it is a trap. It is almost always a trap. If you have a conservative professor, then he or she will try to bait you into adding political points into your research paper because he or she knows that they will come across as opinions and the professor wants to teach you that opinions have little place in most of your research paper (except maybe the conclusion). If your professor is leftist, then the trap may be that you have to come to the same leftist conclusion that he or she did, and if you don’t, then you lose marks. It is best to avoid political points altogether so that you cannot fall into any traps. Also, learn how to spot these traps and if you are forced to write a research people with a political theme, then keep it as clinical as possible.

Do Be as Specific as Possible

If you have a genius brain squeezed into your chunky skull, then your first batch of research papers were probably painful because your research went off into 900 different directions and you couldn’t decide what to leave in and what to leave out. There is no way to solve this problem other than to be as specific as possible when you create your thesis or research-paper question. Anything that could be answered with a broad sweeping statement may be a poor quality question. Give times, dates, locations, numbers, people and even per-define your stats. Nail down exactly what you are researching and what you are answering.

For example, “How many grey-backed slugs entered the 20m diameter space of our rose garden in the period between 2nd of May 2022 to 4th of May 2022?”


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