A major in marketing covers a wide range of fields such as public relations, advertising, and communications. Students learn how to maintain positive relationships with customers by delivering services that leave them satisfied. Due to changes in technology, the field is fast evolving but marketers are not evolving at the same pace.

The gaps that are left become opportunities for marketers to create more business. Marketers are required to understand consumer behaviour and leverage modern digital marketing strategies for business promotion and sales.

A marketing dissertation investigates different areas of marketing to identify gaps and suggest solutions. Areas of investigation include customer psychology, branding, digital marketing, big data analysis, technology, and innovative marketing. Many topics covering a wide range of areas have been suggested in this article.

What is Dissertation in Marketing?

Before a student completes a marketing degree, the final project they are assigned is a dissertation. It is a lengthy project that requires students to engage in deep research. They have to brainstorm and come up with several marketing dissertation ideas before choosing a unique topic. The topic can come from a wide range of areas such as e-marketing, product evolution, branding, and modern technologies in marketing.

If you have been assigned to write a marketing dissertation, you could be experiencing different challenges. One of the main challenges is how to create the best quality dissertation by choosing an attractive topic. Our qualified team of writers from our dissertation writing services prepared this step-by-step- guide for you. It will help you go through the writing process successfully and succeed.

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How to Come Up with a Marketing Dissertation Topic?

Choosing the right dissertation topic is a crucial part of the entire process. All your research and writing are guided by the topic you choose. To create a good topic, brainstorm different marketing dissertation ideas and areas you can explore. Understand the requirements of your institution and department.

Based on the requirements, choose a broad area and then find a niche that you will be comfortable researching. Get ideas from books, your classroom notes, dissertations, and articles. Decide the type of research you want to conduct but ensure it is relevant. Let your lecturer approve your topic before you start writing. A lot of students seek assignment help online from professionals to create attractive topics and write the entire paper or various chapters.

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What Makes a Marketing Dissertation Interesting?

Creating a unique dissertation starts with the right marketing dissertation ideas. It is necessary to understand the right steps and follow them consistently. Make your objective clear by understanding the goal of your paper. Do thorough research to create an information-intensive paper.

Prove to the professor that you are knowledgeable on the topic and you understand well what you have written. Make sure your referencing is consistent and accurate throughout the paper. Dissertation structure is important but you should not ignore the guidelines from your professor. Your dissertation should provide a detailed analysis, discussions, and evaluations that go beyond basic descriptions.

Interesting Marketing Topics for Dissertation

Marketing is a wide subject and can cover topics related to fields such as customer relationships, communication, public relations, and market research. The marketing dissertation ideas you choose will determine how attractive your topic will be. The topic must impress your instructor so that they take interest in reading your paper to get more information. Aim at finding the best topic that you love and one that will be easy to research. Here are marketing topic ideas that lecturers will find interesting.

  1. Winning in branding: what is its role in customer loyalty?
  2. How do gender and age affect buying behaviour?
  3. Face-to-face marketing: How does it help in business marketing?
  4. The role of digital technology in modern-day marketing strategies?
  5. How social media affect consumer behaviour.
  6. Leveraging online and traditional marketing techniques to grow a business
  7. Does product customisation affect sales?
  8. The role of innovation in customer retention
  9. Do family preferences affect buying decisions?
  10. Should retail stores adopt online store marketing strategies?

Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

Marketing using internet-based technologies has lately received a lot of attention from marketers.  The latest digital marketing technologies include mobile, computers, and other digital media. It is a booming field but marketers have to be creative and come up with fresh ideas to help them tap from it to the maximum. You can create a wide range of marketing dissertation ideas and come up with interesting topics to write about. You may consider any of the digital marketing dissertation topics.

  1. How organisations can apply different digital marketing technologies to boost sales
  2. What is the role of a website landing page in digital marketing?
  3. The tourism industry and digital marketing: Assessing its significance.
  4. Influencers and celebrities: What are their roles in digital marketing?
  5. Computer science and AI: Assessing its role in digital marketing.
  6. SEO marketing: A case study analysis
  7. Comparing digital marketing and traditional marketing strategies
  8. Modern video marketing: Its evolution in the past decade
  9. Analysing the factors that promote successful digital marketing in organisations
  10. Comparing marketing success in the pre-digital era and the modern digital era

Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics

The young generation spends a lot of time communicating on social media. Nearly 4.8 billion people in the world use social media. This has presented marketers with a new untapped opportunity to take advantage of. Understanding what it takes to succeed in social media marketing will give you different marketing dissertation ideas to explore. When exploring different topics, you must first understand what social media users want and how to tap business opportunities from them.

  1. Is social media marketing the next big thing: Examining how it’s evolving in different business fields?
  2. Choosing a social media marketing platform: What marketers should consider.
  3. Exploring the effect of social media marketing on business success
  4. How is social media affecting generation Z's buying behaviour?
  5. Are organisations using the wrong approaches when leveraging social media?
  6. Facebook advertising and google ads: A comparative study.
  7. Should social media marketing focus on building a strong brand or boosting sales?
  8. How has social media evolved in the last two decades
  9. The future of social media: Exploring its effectiveness in brand promotion
  10. How the education sector is using social media to promote remote study.

Fashion Marketing Dissertation Topics

For many centuries, fashion has played an important role in shaping societies. When writing a fashion marketing dissertation, a student needs to explore fashion in the past and present. Fashion promotes diversity and sets clear boundaries between different demographics. Many existing gaps in the fashion marketing sector present a student with interesting fashion marketing dissertation ideas to explore. The topic may address the gaps or explore new ways to tap into the industry. Here are attractive topics to consider.

  1. Focusing on customer satisfaction: Its importance in fashion marketing
  2. The history of fashion: What marketers can learn to improve sales
  3. Does the fashion industry require marketing?
  4. The social media and the fashion industry: How are they interrelated?
  5. Fashion based on generational gap: How marketing is widening the gap
  6. From long flowing dresses to short skirts: How women’s fashion has evolved
  7. How dressing reflects on personality traits: What marketers should leverage
  8. Who influences fashion? The untapped designer and wearer gap?
  9. Fashion based on culture and religion: how fashion marketing has affected both
  10. Fashion dynamics: The role of celebrities and marketers in shaping the fashion industry

Influencer Marketing Dissertation Topics

Influencers help brands to build trust from customers and improve awareness. They have large followers or subscribers which makes it easy for businesses to use their influence in marketing campaigns. It is a field that hasn’t been fully tapped into by marketers. Despite the opportunities the field provides to marketers, there is an array of challenges companies have to deal with. When writing a dissertation about influencer marketing, a student can explore both the opportunities and the challenges it presents. Here are topic examples.

  1. Influencer marketing: Analysing opportunities and challenges
  2. Do influencers provide long-term solutions to marketers?
  3. Influencers at the global level: Their role in international marketing strategies
  4. Influencer personality and character in brand influence: How marketers can manage the risks
  5. Increasing traffic on company websites: How markers can leverage influencer brand testimonials
  6. Pros and cons of influencer marketing in business growth
  7. Importance of influencers in promoting local and international tourism
  8. Hiring influencers: Is the cost worth it compared to the return on investment?
  9. How does influencer type matter when building strong brands?
  10. Effectiveness of influencers on social media marketing

Marketing Dissertation Topics on Sports

Sports marketing is a wide field that covers areas such as promotional campaign planning and market research. Sports marketers focus on sports promotion including events and teams. Marketers negotiate contracts and create marketing plans. They sell sports products and promote sports facilities to attract customers. There is an array of sports marketing dissertation topics a student can choose and write about them.

  1. How sports marketing encourages sports people to seek contracts from different teams
  2. Engaging underage athletes in marketing campaigns: Exploring the ethical issues, dangers, and benefits
  3. Keeping sports fans loyal: Which marketing factors do team marketers use?
  4. The effect of grassroots marketing strategies on sports growth in the UK
  5. College sports marketing: Its effect on team participation and performance
  6. What role does e-sports marketing play in modern society?
  7. Perception and attitude: How the use of video marketing help to promote a love of sports
  8. How team performance is affected by sponsorship based on marketing
  9. How marketing and media coverage affect the growth of women’s soccer in the UK
  10. How does advertising affect the purchase of football tickets in Europe?

Marketing Dissertation Topics on Consumer Behaviour

New marketing concepts and ideas are developing due to the changes in consumer behaviour being experienced currently. Many factors affect consumer behaviour including social aspects, beliefs, cultural, and economic aspects. A marketer must understand consumer behaviour and create the best strategies to influence their purchasing decisions. Here are some good topics a student can explore.

  1. How consumer needs change with geographical location
  2. Modern business growth strategies: How customer behaviour is helping businesses to grow
  3. Relationship between customer behaviour and product innovation
  4. Marketing in a multicultural society: Pros and cons
  5. Overcoming barriers that affect purchase decisions: The role played by modern technology
  6. Consumer purchase behaviour: The latest patterns in online and physical store purchases
  7. Making purchase decisions: How economic growth influences buying patterns
  8. How branding affects customer behaviour
  9. Impulse buying: How strategic marketing leads to unplanned buying
  10. How does product packaging influence consumer behaviour


A marketing degree teaches students strategies to use when promoting products and services. It prepares them to become successful marketers in any business field. One of the ways to prepare them is by writing a marketing dissertation. There are many topic ideas students can explore to help them choose the most interesting topic. The process of creating a topic and writing can be tedious but it can become easier if you seek online help from qualified writers.

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Publish Date: Jul 21, 2022

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