Classes are finally over and now you finally have all this time on your hands and the freedom to do anything you want. Of course, you probably plan to spend most of your summer binging on your favourite TV shows and movies, as well as partying with your friends. And you should. You’ve earned it. However, there is also plenty time to do something productive which will benefit you in the long run and open up some new opportunities for you. With that in mind, let’s check out 14 ways which will help you can make the most of your summer.


1. Write as Often as Possible

Chronicling your summer vacation is not only a great way to keep your memories from fading away, but also to hone your writing skills, because you will certainly need them in the future. Also, if you feel like you are up for a challenge, there are plenty of resources online which can provide you with writing tips and prompts, as well as assignment help and dissertation writing services,like BrillAssignment where you can get pointers from professional writers.

2. Start Learning Another Language

While it’s impossible to become fluent in just a few months, you will be able to at least learn the basics which you will be able to build upon gradually. If you don’t have money to spare for private lessons, don’t worry, because there are applications out there such asDuolingo, as well as YouTube videos which can help you practice your grammar and pronunciation.

3. Start Cooking

This is an essential skill you will rely on all your life, so why not start now? At first, it will feel like rocket science, but after a couple of weeks, you will begin to enjoy it. Plus, you won’t always have to resort to junk food or someone else doing the cooking for you, which makes you more independent.

Pick Up an Instrument

4. Pick Up an Instrument

There are very few things which are more satisfying than learning to play an instrument. These days, you can find one online cheap, and as far as lessons go, you can get someone local to help you out, or you can go online and find plenty of material which you can use, ranging from YouTube videos to expansive video courses.

5. Binge YouTube Videos

However, try to make your binge sessions useful. There are plenty of channels which offer educational content. You can expand your horizons daily by watching videos and full-length documentaries about science, such as Veritasium or SciShow, art, culture, medicine, or history. Trust us, these binges can be even more entertaining than watching cat videos.

6. Experience the Culture

Take a moment and inform yourself about upcoming cultural events in your area. Regardless of where you live, there are plenty of concerts, galleries, museums, and exhibits you can visit. Museums are far from boring, especially if you are into paintings, sculptures, photography, or history.

7. Take Part in Online Courses

Places like Khan Academy offer high quality math, economics, and engineering courses, while has tons of courses on different programming languages, design, management, and even photography. So, regardless of what you are into, you will always be able to find training and courses and increase your knowledge and skills.

reading books

8. Read Books

Informative articles and documentaries are great, but they are nowhere near as engaging and insightful as books. Reading the classics will help you develop your imagination, analytical skills, and expand your vocabulary, whereas thrillers, sci-fi, and horror novels can excite you much more than any movie out there.

9. Start a Blog

The great thing about having a blog is the ability to have your voice heard, and to connect with other likeminded people. Building one with WordPress or any other similar platform is easier than ever, and regardless of what you are interested in, you will find an audience. Also, in case you are lucky enough that it becomes hugely popular, you can even turn it into a source of income.

10. Clean Your Room

You probably hate this one the most, but it turns out, having a neat and organized room can make you a lot more productive. Also, you will feel a lot better spending time in a space which is free of any clutter and mess. And once your room is spotless, you will just have to maintain it that way, instead of spending an entire day every few weeks or so cleaning it.

11. Become a Volunteer

There are plenty of opportunities for volunteering in any community, and yours is probably no exception. You can become a volunteer in a nursing home or an animal shelter. Also, volunteering can become a stepping stone toward your future career if you decide to volunteer for a company which you are interested in working for one day.

12. Visit Nature

All of the things listed above are great, but you will also need some time to get away from it all. Instead of unwinding in front of the TV or a computer, go on a hike and experience the outdoors. It will help you clear your mind from the hectic urban lifestyle.

13. Get a Job

Of course, it would be insane to spend your entire summer working but getting a part time job can help you develop good habits. You will also be able to earn some cash, which will come in handy if you want to do any of the things described in this article, or simply buy something for yourself.

14. Build Something

Make it your summer project. Go to your garage or shed, get some tools and wood, and build something simple, even if it’s just a box. Not only will you have an item which you can use, but you will also adopt new skills, which will certainly come in handy at some point in your life.


Doing all the things from this list over the course of a single summer is impossible, but now that you know what your options are, you can pick a few and spend your vacation in a productive and fulfilling way. Good luck and have fun!